I thought about publishing this site anonymously. I liked the idea of sharing my thoughts and art free from worry about anyone knowing who was behind them, of operating without a filter. It felt safer, quieter.

But, I yam who I yam, and I wish to be fearless when it comes to being honest and open. Plus, it’s really nice to connect with people in meaningful ways. I’m not sure I could fully experience that with my art if I was keeping my identity a secret. I was very inspired by Lord Birthday’s story about breaking his artist anonymity in anĀ Invisibilia podcast episode.

I’m still an introvert and don’t feel the need to put my name or picture into my art too much right now. But, if you want to visit my site with my professional work, it’s here.

Copyright of all my art and writing is my own. Thank you in advance for asking permission before using my work in any way and also thank you for giving credit.

Credit: or @wayfarerisme (Instagram)